What the children say about Wendy and Art Therapy

‘I love it. All the fun stuff. The things that I make that I can be proud of. I am really proud of my artwork.’ C, aged 11

‘I’ve built new friendships.’ Su, aged 10

‘I believe in myself a bit more. I feel more brave.’ S, aged 11.

‘Whenever it is Art Therapy we all start dancing.’ A, aged 11.

‘When it is the end I don’t want to go.’ A, aged 8

‘I was listened to and she paid attention to me a lot and she would take it seriously what I am speaking about’. L, aged 9

‘Wendy was very nice when I wanted to say something. She always listens.’ J, aged 8

‘I will remember it all my life.’ F, aged 7

‘She helped and listened to me’. N, aged 7

‘I felt like I was listened to a lot’. R, aged 8

‘I would like longer sessions please.’ Rh, aged 7

‘It would be better if there was more glitter’. Sh, aged 10