What Parents Say . . .

‘I am so grateful you took the time out and spoke to me and have sent me so much information. I really appreciate all your efforts.’ Mother of ‘D’ (Year 7 boy)

‘Thankyou for all your help and all your therapy sessions with F . . . Have noticed improvement.’ Father of ‘F’ (Year 2 boy)

‘The Art Therapy group has been good for S… She didn’t like school before and now she feels she can do things. She is more confident. She feels she has something to offer.’ Mother of ‘S’ (Year 1 girl)

‘F . . . is always asking when it is Tuesday. I never have any trouble getting him up when it’s Tuesday and he knows it’s Art Therapy.’ Mother of ‘F’ (Year 1 boy)

‘She expresses herself better. She has a better vocabulary about feelings. I feel she has more confidence.’ Carer of ‘B’ (Year 8 girl)

‘Before Art Therapy started I was getting phone calls every day nearly. Now hardly ever. So so improved. Art Therapy has done her the world of good. She has thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Mother of ‘H’ (Year 6 girl)

‘He has changed. He does not answer back the teacher and he listens.’ Mother of ‘H’ (Year 3 boy)

‘She definitely perks up on a Monday. She says: ‘The art lady – Wendy coming.’ Grandmother of ‘E’ ( Year 1 girl)

‘A . . . really enjoys Art Therapy. He says Wendy is kind to him. He says she sets him free. He is calming down. He still has a temper but not like before.’ Mother of ‘A’ (Year 8 boy)

‘His behaviour has improved. He talks about the sessions. He is a lot calmer. He is able to control his temper more –they say this in school. He looks forwards to Wednesdays. He is able to talk more about why he is angry whereas before he couldn’t.’ Mother of ‘N’ (Year 3 boy)

He is definitely not so angry now. He does like himself a little more. He has a little more confidence.’ Father of ‘L’ (Year 6 boy)