http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04lwzt0/inside-out-east-20102014 – Art Therapy in action starts at about the 10 minute mark.

BBC Inside Out documentary regarding domestic abuse and the help Art Therapy can provide when dealing with affected children.

‘I am so grateful you took the time out and spoke to me and have sent me so much information. I really appreciate all your efforts.’ Mother of ‘D’ (Year 7 boy) ‘Thankyou for all your help and all your therapy sessions with F . . . Have noticed improvement.’ Father of ‘F’ (Year 2... [read more]

Why Kate Middleton chose to patronise The Art Room, an art therapy charity that helps children with emotional difficulties It is remarkable that, out of the four charitable patronages that The Duchess of Cambridge announced on the 5 January, two were dedicated to art. The National Portrait Gallery, [read more]

“I have worked with Wendy over the past two and a half years. In that time, she has supported children individually and in groups. Children have consistently developed a sense of their own value, and have developed strategies to support them with whatever challenges daily life has to offer. Th[read more]

“Art Therapy is undoubtedly a valuable provision within a school setting. Art therapy offers emotional support, a creative and therapeutic space for children, and can have a containing and nurturing impact upon pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. For the past five years[read more]

‘I love it. All the fun stuff. The things that I make that I can be proud of. I am really proud of my artwork.’ C, aged 11 ‘I’ve built new friendships.’ Su, aged 10 ‘I believe in myself a bit more. I feel more brave.’ S, aged 11. ‘Whenever it is Art Therapy we... [read more]

“Wendy has been working at the school for the last eighteen months and in that time has helped to transform the lives of the children she has worked with. Wendy enables each child to have a space to be themselves and shape their own understanding of who they are and their relationships. Parent[read more]

An examination of the role of art therapy in the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Tim Samuels meets veterans of recent British conflicts in the Falklands, the Persian Gulf and Northern Ireland, who reveal their personal battle with PTSD as a result of th[read more]